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Problem is that balance is very 
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It is something strange about this argument. Does the shoe really make the foot more stable? For me it has generally been the other way around. By removing cushioning I get closer to the ground and gain stability. My experience is that only the most heavy and stable shoes around can get on par with minimalist stability. More lightweight tradititional running shoes certainly Adidas Ultra Boost Dames reduces my stability, high profile, weak uppers, soft midsoles and poor ground feel is not great for Nike Air Vapormax Womens stability.
I suspect that you actually don’t need more balance for minimalist running, but rather the other way around. I could however see the balance test as some sort of test to see if the lower leg muscles are functioning, rather than actually a relevant test of running balance. Lower leg muscles will do more work in minimalist running. So perhaps it is more about strength than about manage to balance.The only time I’ve noticed that I would need more balance rather than less compared to shoes is when going complete barefoot and walk on really tough ground that kind of hurts (I don’t run barefoot other than on safe surfaces), then the body balances on the placed foot to put pressure on the parts that hurt the least. I actually Nike Roshe Run Femme use barefoot walking on uncomfortable uneven surfaces as a sort of training.I’m poor at isolating Nike Air Max 95 Womens the big toe, and there’s some difference between left and right. Nike Air Max 270 Womens On the left I can keep big toe on the ground and lift the other toes, on the right I can do the opposite. When I run in tough terrain I have noticed that my right foot is less stable than the left, but I guess that could be for any other reason. Would be interesting to know how to improve this toe control capability though.
I believe in the ROM test, I have short Achilles tendon but have lengthened it through daily serious stretching and it seems to me that it have helped.I barely pass the balance test, but I’m a bit skeptical about that. Problem is that balance is very specific – you get good at what you train for. I usually suck at most balance tasks, but can still Adidas ZX 700 Dames balance narrow kayaks that most would flip over just sitting down in them, since I’ve trained for Nike Air Huarache Femme that specifically. Standing on one leg is not the same as running. However if you happen to get good balance results due to wide foot and nice toe spread that is probably good.I cannot stand on one foot with my eyes closed! With eyes open, I can stand on my left foot for a minute, or my right foot for 30 seconds, but I am wobbly in each case. Based on Jay Dicharry’s criteria, I am not ready for minimalist shoes–to say nothing of barefoot running! But I run barefoot with no problem.BTW…on each foot, there is a big gap separating my big toe from the other four. On my left foot, there is almost room for an EXTRA toe to fit between the big toe and the next one; my right foot there is more than enough room for an extra toe there. (To Nike M2k Tekno Dames visualize this, look at your hand. See all the extra space between the thumb and the pointer Nike Air Max 270 Womens finger? MUCH more space than you have between any other adjacent fingers. My feet are like that: four toes close together, a big gap, and then the big toe.)I think this splayed foot is very helpful for my barefoot running. I also suspect, but cannot prove, that it is a RESULT of several years of barefoot running…as my feet are now much larger than they were before I began barefootin’. (Almost size 15 now, compared to the size 13 they used to be.)

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