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The point I’m trying to really emphasize here is that runners are variable, and we each have different needs on an individual level. This is why I have such a problem with the traditional approach to running shoe design. Why in the world should we expect that every individual will do best in a shoe with a 10-12mm heel-forefoot offset??? Until recently, this is the only type of shoe that has been available Adidas ZX 700 Dames to most runners (and don’t say flats have always been around – they have, but generally in specialty stores and were typically not recommended for long distances and only for “efficient” runners). As recently as January of this year, I went into my local Dick’s Sporting Goods and counted 90+ running shoes on the wall – all of them – every single one – had a traditional offset. No a single racing flat or more minimalist shoe was to be found. That has changed in the past six months, but we are still a long way from really understanding how best to assign the best shoe to an individual Nike Air Max 2017 Femme runner. Same goes for assigning shoes based on arch height, pronation, etc. We have no strong evidence that this approach works, and in fact there is evidence that assigning shoes based on foot type is no better than assigning a stability shoe to Nike Air Max 270 Mujer everybody. This doesn’t mean that the approach doesn’t work for some individuals, just perhaps that it shouldn’t form the primary basis upon which we assign shoes.We need a lot more research on how to do a better job at all of this – how to tinker with form when needed or to leave things alone, how to determine who needs lots of cushion and who doesn’t, who needs a more stable platform and who doesn’t, who’s better off ditching shoes altogether? It’s a difficult task to be sure, and right now the best approach I can suggest is a willingness to self-experiment. I do believe form and Nike Air Max 2017 Dames shoes play a big role in healthy running, and I don’t think that runners need fear trying different types of shoes if they do it carefully. My hope is that as more people tell their individual stories, and as more research comes to light, better advice Nike Air Vapormax Femme will come with time.In my opinion there is one thing what everybody should consider. What is anatomically correct ? That is when we stand on our feet without an elevated heel platform. Running should be done on the same way, without a chunky heel.Unfortunately it is true that a lot of people broke loose very far from this. 30-40 years in high heel shoes would make transition very hard. But still, I think with good education and gradual transition, it is possible to place back not only running but your whole life into a “flat position”. Someone can make it in 4 weeks, others may Nike Air Force 1 Damen need 4 years.
It would have serious impact on running performance even in high quality runners. As all the studies suggests the more you can engage the “human springs” during running the easier it becomes. And if one made a successful transition, that Nike Air Force 1 Mujer is the time when they could play with sole thickness and sturdiness depending on race distance, surface, elevation, temperature.
Until there are so many runners, with very little education on correct form, every kind of shoes will be sold in the market. That is why I like the approach of Inov 8 shoes. They have all sorts of shoes for the transition. Starting with a 12mil offset, down to 9,6,3,0 than in the zero heel to toe offset there are the bare type of shoes with the wide toe-box. There are shoes with a bit of an aid “Fascia band” others have no support system at all.Choose Nike Air Max Thea Femme what you want, then follow the line down to the bottom.I’m not sure this post or paper does a good job at emphasizing the point you are trying to make. Comparing each subject to one another in the same shoes would do more to emphasize variability. I don’t Nike Air Max Classic BW Femme think any research needs to be done between soft and firm shoes as the emphazise needs to be on form. I believe their is no debate on what is best for everyone. Short quick strides, with a midfoot-forefoot strike. I would imagine if these same subjects were instructed how to land properly on their midfoot, impact forces would be lowered in both types of shoes. I would also guess that impact forces with a midfoot strike in a firm shoe would have overall the lowest impact force. As someone with a masters in biology, I understand why you included the finches but those are Nike Air Max Thea Mujer 4 different species and even a couple different genera, who evolved different beak shapes to specialize in feeding. We are all one species trying to accomplish the same goal so I believe that their is one “best” form with possible slight variations. Maybe everyone can’t start out wearing a pair of VFF or barefoot but I don’t think heal striking in a 12mm off-sett shoe is healthiest most efficient way for anyone to run.

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