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How to communicate 
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How to communicate with strangersether in learning and living Marlboro 100'S Online, we encounter strangers of all kinds every day. If strangers come forward to talk with you, how do you communicate with strangersh this question, I interviewed my teachers, classmates and parents. Both the teacher and the parents agreed: "When you communicate with strangers, you must be vigilant Newport 100S Cigarettes Online. Don't trust strangers easily. You can't easily disclose all the important information such as your home address. You can't just eat strangers. Food. If your mom and dad are not at home, there are strangers visiting. You should not go straight to the door, but should peek out from the cat's eyes to confirm the identity of the visitor and then decide whether to open the door.you give these questions to the classmates, the students' answers are varied. Some say: "This is not easy. Of course, it is not reasonable to deal with strangers!" A little bit of contact with the actual students will say: "If strangers Asking for directions, if I know, I will not hesitate to tell him (her); if a stranger asks, 'Children, where do you live?', it is best not to tell him (her); if it is out of school The stranger said to you, 'I am your father's colleague, he has something to do today, ask me to pick you up.' At this time you must be vigilant, or say, 'Do you have a call? I want to talk to my father. 'In this way to prove his identity.'fact, to communicate with strangers Fb Distributors Marlboro Cigarettes, my opinion is: out of courtesy, first of all, you should not ignore others; when communicating, I will first observe the appearance and clothing of this stranger Marlboro Gold Without Duty Stamp, the so-called: people can not be seen! Don't judge that he must be a bad person because his clothes and appearance are unsightly; when communicating with strangers Online Newport Cigarette Store, you should observe the words and try to avoid revealing all important information such as your home address, telephone number and so on.l in all, it is not terrible to communicate with strangers. It is not a bad thing to leave one more mind.

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