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Eight men who had been held as slaves at South Korean salt farms for several years took the government to court on Friday for alleged negligence and police inaction they say largely caused and prolonged their ordeal.

In the lawsuit filed at the Seoul Central District Court DaeSean Hamilton Jersey , lawyers sought a compensation of 30 million won ($25,860) for each of the men from the central government and two island counties, where the farms were located. The plaintiffs have different levels of disabilities, and were enslaved at the rural islands off South Korea's southwest coast for as many as 20 years.

More than 60 slaves Josey Jewell Jersey , most of them mentally ill, were rescued from the islands following an investigation led by mainland police early last year. The slavery was revealed weeks earlier when two police officers from Seoul came to Sinui Island and rescued one of the slaves who had been reported by his family as missing.

Dozens of farm owners and job brokers were indicted, but no regional police or officials were punished despite multiple interviews in which the victims said some knew about the slaves and even stopped escape attempts.

The disturbing cases of abuse, captivity and human trafficking were highlighted in a months-long investigation by The Associated Press published earlier this year Isaac Yiadom Jersey , which showed that slavery has long thrived in the islands and will likely continue to do so without stronger government attempts to stem it.

Choi Jung Kyu, one of several lawyers behind the lawsuit, said he was expecting an uphill battle in court as compensation suits against the government in human rights abuse cases are rarely successful in South Korea. This is mainly because, he said Royce Freeman Jersey , the South Korean law puts the burden of proof entirely on the plaintiffs in non-criminal cases.

""It's difficult because we are mainly relying on what our plaintiffs told us, while the defendant, which is the government, holds all the information to prove it and can't be forced to give them up Justin Simmons Broncos Jersey ,"" Choi said.

Regardless of the outcome, the lawsuit is meaningful because it would raise awareness and put pressure on the government to do more to protect vulnerable people from human trafficking and slavery, he said.

Seoul's Justice Ministry, whose minister will legally represent the central government in the case Jake Butt Broncos Jersey , had no immediate comment.

The rescued slaves were mostly disabled and desperate people from mainland cities who were lured to the islands by ""man hunters"" and job brokers hired by salt farm owners, who would beat them into long hours of backbreaking labor and confine them at their houses for years while providing little or no pay.

Choi said there were strong reasons to believe that local police officers and administrative officials were closely connected with salt farm owners and villages and helped them keep the victims enslaved.

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