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Indroneel Ray
Ordered 1 size smaller & they fit great.
Stevie Keenan
just the right size and fits well with the mattress and sheets
Aileen Demetrio
Overall nice look. Good price for the quality of product.Comfortable. Slightly loose periodically giving a flip flop feeling when walking fast.
Pixie Lauren
Worked great.
Matsumi Arce Iwamatsu
like it, not as well as keurig, but brews good coffee
Daniyal Jamali
I bought this as a second mic for my daughters Karaoke machine so she could have friends over to sing. i was surprised at the clarity. the weight is good and it feels like a good quality mic at a toy mic price. She play guitar and sings and is usded to higher quality equipment so I was pleasantly surprised that this did as well as it did in her Memorex Singstand Machine.

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