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Vital Alpha Testo Do the exercises correctly Set the height in the middle of the tibia on the power rack and place the barbell at this level Raise the bar while standing shoulder-width apart by grabbing from above. Keep your back straight and your head neutrally aligned, lift the barbell to the upper abdomen with a sharp movement. Do not succumb to the pull down, return the bar to the rack Pause for 1-2 seconds to release tension, and then repeat. Option: Challenge yourself and add chains on each side of the panel to change the force curve and add the progressive resistance of the entire pulling phase. When you lift the bar higher, it will become heavier. When you lower it, the load begins to decrease. For this exercise, you make traditional movements on the uneven bars, but carry your weight in one direction, alternating sides. This allows you to load a little more triceps than usual. Training: if the exercises on the uneven bars are easy for you, do them by the end of the training. If they are difficult for you, do them earlier. Perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps. Do the exercises correctly: Take a position in the middle of the bars, legs hang down, the torso is tense, do not lean forward Bend your elbows while the upper arms should be parallel to the floor Push up to move all your weight in one direction Slowly back down and level out, and then push yourself in the opposite direction, alternating exercises. Today, there is a slightly strange trend in the world of fitness: personal trainers and interns seem to prefer simulators not for their "functionality." Leg press, flexion-extension, sitting bench press and all that can be done on Smith's simulator, unfortunately, almost all of this was recognized as a useless growing segment of the fitness industry. Do you know what we think about this? We think this is funny. Do you want functionality? How does active muscle building, growth of strength sensations and orientation to weak points of physique sound for you? Sounds pretty functional, right? And this is exactly what the simulators can help you with. Exercise machines have numerous advantages that power equipment cannot provide. Now many advise to reduce the use of barbells and dumbbells in training programs. Power equipment, of course, can form the basis of training, but it will be in your personal interests to supplement exercise with free weights with regular approaches to simulators (crossover, Hammer-Strength or similar equipment, Smith simulator and other modern muscle building simulators). Firstly, in most cases, the weight of the simulator provides a higher degree of "built-in" safety than exercises with free weights, which is especially useful for beginners.


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