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Gerald McAlister
Steam starts coming out in less than 20 seconds, I know because I timed it. For a small steamer it really packs a punch compared to my other steamers that are much bigger in size. It left my dress shirts and pants wrinkle free. These are meant to be able taken with you on trips that are out of town, and the size of it allows it to be possible to just throw it in your bag and go.
Christy Harkin
Great for decoration in the house or apartment to hang on the wall. It will rip if you hang it outside.
Latisha Harrison
This was a great addition to my collection
Ann-Christin Stickl
It's a really nice fitting jersey. Literally sucks in that guy and looks legit. Nice job!
Euridice Baez
Great product, works well. Fit just as needed.
Armalen Flores-Hernandez
There's no need to spend twice as much on a fitted crib sheet. These are great. They're soft, they fit well, and they don't shrink.

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