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A Simple, Easy Approach to Heart Health 
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Prevention is better than cure. This also saying applies greatly Cardio Clear 7 to the category of heart diseases. Heart disease is the number the number one leading caused of death. Once affected, the rest of the life becomes dependent upon the mercy of God. So it is better to take preventive measures so that any heart disease does not happen in the first place.

Coming to the preventive measures, the most dangerous and contributive risk factor is smoking. Hence, smoking in any amount should not be followed. Even coffee, drinking and chewing of tobacco should be avoided since these block the arteries and restrict the smooth flow of blood in the body. Secondly, people who turn aggressive more frequently are found to be more prone of heart disease. Hypertension makes the heart beat slowly and with less force, making it somewhat dull. Thus, high blood pressure situation arises.

Next in the list, try to add items in your diet which are rich in high density lipoproteins instead of low density lipoproteins. This is because the former removes the excess cholesterol from the artery walls while the latter deposits cholesterol in the blood vessels. Thus inclusion of HDLs in the diet should be promoted. Apart from a balanced dietary menu, there should be some physical activity on a regular basis which will burn extra calories and cholesterol in the body. It also makes the heart and body active since it does not allow you to turn obese. Last but not the least, a basic knowledge of heart diseases can prevent it from attacking you.


05 sie 2019, 13:15
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Heart care is very important to look after. There is a Senior Housing that also provides heart health care and I think it is very impressive. More housing cares should provide this service, it is amazing.

17 paź 2019, 04:54
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