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hen I was born 
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hen I was born, I knew that life was so fragile, full of sorrow and helplessness. Maybe I should know that life should not belong to me; if I didn��t always believe that God would see me. Devotion, I may have withered at the moment of my birth. I am just a weed, no one will really cherish; maybe the pain of foot and pruning can not sting my heart, because my lonely life and look at it; I am used to it, used to silent sorrow; I I have the desire that I shouldn��t have in the grass world, so this kind of sadness is given to me by God. There are not many reasons I can only accept it, because I am only a weed mokingusacigarettes.com, have no right to choose. There is no comparable philosophy in the world of grass Newport Cigarettes. I can only watch the sun in the sun; I fall asleep under the staring gaze, quietly absorbing the milk of the earth in my dreams, and then sticking the roots deeper; I know that even if I am working hard, I can't be like Poplar, but I still work hard. I think I am just like the green riverside, with the waves drifting far away. But after all, I am a life. I have retained the catkins and kept the tulips. But they still flew far away, all because of my humbleness, they just thought that I was a weed that the creator abandoned, but did not see my strong soul. I sometimes blame myself, but I know that it doesn't work, so I struggle very hard, even if winter is coming. I don't think I care too much about the process, because my life is just a season. It is a painful counter-travel, but I still cherish it; because my life is only once, I will never come again in the future. If I can, I am willing to make a weed, no silence and elegance, and some are just the heart of peace and the reverence for life.flowers" is a close-up; the distant mountains are used as a background to form a unique ink painting. It is also because of this "spring" word, snowflake changed its behavior, deducting the softest figure into a beautiful serenade, conveying the rich emotions of the singer, finally melting in the soil, completing a singer's most beautiful The fabulous snow is used to listen, really. Listening to the snow is not tolerated Newport 100S. Even if the snow flies, if you mix into the lively firecrackers, I really feel sorry for the light music concert that Spring Snow gave us. Snow is used to listen, especially in spring snow. In spring, everything is full of brilliance. Some young sprouts sprout in the heart, there is a desire for selfish desires, there is a secret breeding of evil thoughts, and there are also good flowers to be released, and the beautiful branches are buds. With the help of spring snow, calm the mind, filter out the impetuous, listen to the real sound of the earth, listen to the true monologue of the heart, but also count the year is the spring is really used to listen to the snow, listen to the spring snow
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