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The place I lived in 
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The place I lived in was a building on the ground floor of a four-and-a-half-story building built on the Taohua Mountain. Although the peach blossom mountain has no peach blossoms, the name sounds elegant and very good Marlboro Red. When I was in high school, I walked along a roadway here, and I could reach the side of the mountain. There is a temple, the so-called Shibi Temple in Shibi Temple Road. I went there with my classmates and went twice. Young and ignorant, ruining the age of the road. I still have to count my life. It��s a classmate��s calculation mokingusacigarettes.com. I don��t remember much. At that time, I only felt that this place was actually not so quiet. The train road was not far from the temple. I could kill the scenery and have nothing to do with it. I didn��t have a playmate, so I went to Shibi Temple alone. In fact, I told the students that I wanted to go there earlier, but I was cut off from the old road and formed a big ditch. It was destroyed, and the new route did not think well. I have never done it. This time, I also occasionally moved to think about it. I wrapped around a big bend. With a limited sense of direction and intuition, I went up from Taohuaquan Road. After crossing the ditch, I found another way to the top. This mountain is here. It seems that it is not a mountain, because the house has been built. Also look for the old road in the past Newport 100S, when you are going downhill, turn left and you will arrive. The first is the archway that is sandwiched by a small road. The book "Stone Temple" has four characters, and the back is the book "Amitabha". It seems that there was no such thing as it used to be. It seems that it will not last long. Going inside, there are dense grasses, few trees, and shrubs. I found that there are tombs that are well decorated. If I couldn��t see the temple eaves under the mountain, I thought I would enter the graveyard. Of course, this is originally a grave mountain. I don't know why, the air has become cold in such an atmosphere, and it is no longer like the heat on the road. I slowly walked down and tried to find memories of the past. Well, yes, there is a road to the mountain. However, it may be that the autumn and winter seasons, the vegetation is not the current shackles, so I don��t think there is anything special. This time, the grassy trees with the summer glory will make a lot of different tastes by taking care of the downhill roads and the temples that are far away. Moreover, this time I discovered that the building has also been added a lot, the style is simple, built on the mountain, high and
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