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It was raining and 
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It was raining and pattering outside the window. The raindrops hit the glass and blurred my vision. The teacher asked us to write an essay about maternal love, and to mention the pen, but I don't know where to write it. Just staring at the rain outside the window, my thoughts not only returned to the rainy night two years ago. At dusk, it was drizzling. I played games with my friends in the yard. Suddenly, I accidentally fell, my hands were scratched by pieces of glass, and blood immediately rushed out of the wound. My tears did not live up to expectations. Flowed out. Rain, gradually began to rush, my crying is getting bigger and bigger. The mother who was chatting at the door immediately ran after hearing my crying. My mother was frightened after seeing my wounds. I hugged me in my arms and went to the health. My mother was scared to forget. A vehicle that can replace human resources. The drizzle has become a downpour, and occasionally there are several lightning and thunder. My crying, my mother��s gasping and the thundering thunder echoed, and the sound will still echo in my ear; my tears, my mother��s sweat and the cold rain, the picture still Will come to my eyes. When I arrived at the health center, my mother was already sweating. After cleaning up the wound for me, the doctor said to her mother: "The wound is not a big problem, but I don't want to touch the water any more recently, or I will be infected." After the mother heard that there was no problem, she let go of her heart. When I got home, I fell asleep and fell asleep. I only felt that my mother put me on the bed and covered the quilt for me. Then I fell asleep on the edge of the bed. The rain seemed to be especially pleasant. This night, I had a dream, dreaming that my hand was magical. The next morning when I was eating, the rain outside the window was still strong. I put food in your bowl and let you eat more. You smiled. You smile so happy, so sweet, that smile is the world. The most beautiful smile, I will never forget it in my life. "Stupid child, what to do. It's cold, wear more clothes and don't freeze." Mom's words interrupted my memories. I smiled and gave my mother a big hug Cigarettes Online. My mother was overwhelmed by my sudden move, but I found that my mother's eyes were wet Marlboro Lights, and the rain seemed to be infected by her mother's emotions, soaking the floor through the window. Mom, some people say that you are like a compass, indicating the way forward for me, so that I can bravely go forward; but I think you are like a big tree, I am a small seedling under the big tree, you shelter me for the windshield Rain, let me thrive; bathe in the warm embrace, grow up happily; my mother is very grateful to you on this lingering rainy night, you are like the sun, give me light and hope, I want to say something to you too much Too many words, a thousand words into a sentence "Mom, thank you! I love you for life, if you can, let me be your mother, okay? I am willing to give you the happiness and happiness I enjoyed in this rainy night Carton Of Cigarettes, Also let you be the happiest child in the world
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