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The best and special Weapons in Fallout 76 
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Fallout 76 does have some special weapons but what I’d like to see is the restoration of what Uniques once were—truly one of a kind—with the additional benefit of being unbreakable. Fallout 76 needs some interesting secondary goals to gameplay, something that actually makes combing through each location (in lieu of repetitive junk runs) exciting. The promise of a weapon that doesn’t need to be repaired or won’t be inaccessible due to breaking would light a fire under a lot of asses, mine included.

This relatively common two-handed weapon may not sound overpowered, but an important thing to keep in mind is the amount of Super Mutants all over Appalachia, even early in Fallout 76 (there’s always a crowd clogging up any relay towers on the map, and Eastern Correctional is another solid early-game haunt). Most of them drop boards and other low-tier melee trash, but you’ll often run into a Skirmisher-variant who may drop a sledgehammer, and the wide arc of these powerhouse weapons makes them the perfect way to take down feistier low-level mobs without expending any precious ammo.

Electrically Charged supercharges you. Upon taking melee damage, you have a chance to shock your attackers, dealing damage and giving you some breathing room. You also take a small amount of damage, but when you’re dealing with hordes of Scorched or Ghouls, that’s worth the risk. The mutation Unstable Isotope is similar to this — it irradiates melee attackers and causes radiation, while also dealing damage to you. However, some enemies are immune to Unstable Isotope’s radiation. Best and Cheapest FO76 Caps For Sale - Mmocs.com.

Macbacon runs the 1000+ member Fallout 76 Trading Hub Discord, a place where players sell their wares for caps. I've been a member of this Discord for the past couple of weeks, and I get notifications of players advertising various high-level guns every few minutes. Say what you will about the popularity of Fallout 76, but there are a lot of people buying and selling their loot outside of the game.

It seems like RDO may be this kind of beta, because unlike Fallout 76 which had specific dates and times associated with its beta, Red Dead Online has a start date, but no time limits, and most importantly, no end date. We have no idea how long this beta is going to run, or if it will ever end. It seems possible that Rockstar will just keeps adding stuff and making changes and then down the road with some random patch, hey, it’s out of beta.

Fallout 76 shares a lot of common DNA with the looter-shooter genre. Specific low-tier weapons matched with a randomized Legendary buff can be worthier than advanced, yet vanilla, higher-tier exotics. Others look great on paper, but falter in practical combat, either due to bugs in the code (a primary reason for neglecting to mention the Salvaged Assaultron Head) or an absence of Perks. Consider this list a general guide to help figure out some practical combat solutions until you’re storming nuke sites and making quick work of Legendary Scorchbeasts.

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