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Why Chinese wigs are so popular in the United States? 
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As we all know, China's lace front wig products are mainly sold to overseas markets, while the United States is an open developed country in the world, so this country has been in the forefront of fashion, and human hair wigs also have a huge market here. So why do Americans like to wear wigs?
Americans have a strong pursuit of beauty, like the beauty of personality. They all want to have a beautiful, unique, and renovated hairstyle every day, so lace wigs become their favorite in pursuit of beauty.
Americans often attend big parties and special dates, but they don't waste their time and energy to make a hairstyle, so wigs become the necessary accessories for their dates.
Every holiday (such as Christmas and Halloween), Americans often dress up and celebrate the holiday by wearing wigs, which enliven the atmosphere. Therefore, wigs become an important dress for them to celebrate the holiday.
These are the reasons why Americans like to wear different texture wigs. Therefore, there is a large demand for wig products in the United States, which is an important target market for China's wig enterprises.
First of all, the data of major websites shows a trend: the sales of wigs are increasing explosively around the holidays. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion that there are many parties in the United States, and everyone will dress up to attend. According to different party themes, we can choose various or exaggerated, or soft, or curly wigs, which become an indispensable decoration. Second, in the United States, in addition to the pursuit of new and different shapes, wigs are actually a kind of rigid demand. The United States is known as the "melting pot of nations". All kinds of people in the world live here, and different cultures collide with each other. The hair of both white and black people has been a problem for a long time. White people and black people are faced with serious hair loss. Their hair cross section is elliptical. In addition, their diet is mainly high calorie and high fat food, which is easy to cause too much body fat, lead to blocked hair root follicle and hair loss. Once there was a saying: "it is said that half of Hollywood's hair is fake."
The short human hair wigs have become a tool to save the beauty. Even Hollywood stars are using it. The ordinary people who are bothered by hair loss are flocking to it.
Black people have been troubled by their hair for a long time. Their hair is naturally thin, curly, and puffy, which is not easy to manage. This is the most natural and original hair style. But in the American culture, it's considered inappropriate to appear in front of others with such curly hair. Therefore, black American women always wear wigs when they appear in social occasions. If they want different hairstyles, they need to buy wigs of different shapes. And in the United States, the more beautiful your straight or curly hair is, the stronger your economic strength is.

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