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Przegląd tematu - https://www.worldhealthcart.com/aqualeva-face-cream/ 
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Odpowiedz z cytatem Post : 12 wrz 2019, 14:56
Aqualeva Face Cream The next stage is the steaming of the skin. This can be done by holding the face over a bowl of hot herb infusion and covering the head with a towel, but steaming is considered less traumatic for the skin with the help of special warming gels. This gel should be applied to the face and left for 10-20 minutes, depending on the strength of the gel. After the steaming has happened - it can be easily understood by the fact that the face has become red, and the pores have widened - you can make comedoextraction, that is, the removal of "black spots" (their medical name is come do). They are removed by hand, either using a special loopback comedoextractor (a metal object that looks like a tiny spoon with a hole in the middle), or by hand. Hands should be cleanly washed and preferably treated with some alcohol solution - hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine. The treated areas of the face should be wiped with a cotton ball dipped in hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine. After that, it is recommended to apply an anti-inflammatory mask on the face and leave for 20-30 minutes. After washing off the mask, the face needs to be toned, that is, wiped with a tonic, and apply a cream. These fairly simple manipulations will help you temporarily get rid of black dots. However, for high-quality skin cleansing, especially in the presence of inflammatory elements, you should still turn to professionals. Acne causes discomfort and psychological discomfort. When they appear, I really want to get rid of them as soon as possible - delete. However, it is better to entrust the cleaning and other cosmetic procedures to professionals. At home, it is possible to treat acne skin with masks and wiping with therapeutic agents. Simultaneously with the treatment of acne, it is necessary to eliminate the causes of their appearance. The most common of them are age-related hormonal imbalance, increased androgen levels during puberty, increased steroid hormones before the onset of the menstrual cycle, hyperkeratosis, vitamin.


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