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Przegląd tematu - Best exam studying tips 
Autor Wiadomość

Odpowiedz z cytatem Post : 18 lip 2019, 10:31
Re: Best exam studying tips

Odpowiedz z cytatem Post : 08 maja 2019, 07:00
Re: Best exam studying tips
actually, if you are senior with your studies then you don't need to get tips you can have already. but what i prefer when i sit for student i organize my books and space both to get the things easily and always put relent subject book that i study other books are put outside. if you aren't able to memories theory then go through the flow chart this will help you definitely. always remember to do practice on old paper because this has a chance to repeat a question, also if you memories strongly explain your answer to others. i prefer a group study. these are the best point that i read an article of cheap reliable essay writing service from 6$ essay and i am very surprised to see all important point not a single point is useless.

Odpowiedz z cytatem Post : 06 maja 2019, 10:50
Re: Best exam studying tips
Exam is an important phase which every student has to face because without exams students cannot measure their progress and cannot identify their lacking point. Exams upgrade the class level of a student after getting good grades in that and if students will follow these tips then they can easily be promoted to the next class. Well I always get good GPA in my university exams and those GPAs I have mentioned in my CV making online document.

Odpowiedz z cytatem Post : 24 kwie 2019, 11:09
Best exam studying tips
• Do not learn laying on top of your bed: you easily get sleepy.
• Just relax! Do not sweat it and you will use up more time focusing on the test than things like time and look.
• correct the work that you did in class on the same day.
• If you have an idea of the issues that will be asked and are finding it hard to remember the answers, write the problem in one side of the card and the answer on the back. Do relating the question to the answer and when you go to the exam, your mind will remember!
• Take more time to those subject which you think hard to you.
• Keep your phone switched off while learning.
• Get all before you start leaning. Do not waste your time in searching for stuff.
• Do not correct a subject only once. If you have more time you can revise for your lessons twice or thrice, but only if you have a lot of time and have revised for all your other topics at least once.
• Take breaks! It helps your brain rest and thinks about the data you just learned.
• all the time do your best! Think positively!
• Do not learn only on the night before the exam. Learn all bit by bit when you come home from school every day. It is no use learning the lot in one shot.
• know what is being taught. Ask questions if you do not.
• Avoid strain from other people, if at all likely. Do not hang around friends that worry and pressure. This will rub off on you.
• Coffee and other basis’s of caffeine have debatable worth as learn aids. Some lessons report memory act to step up, while others report lower concert. If you are inescapably very tired, caffeine can pick up learning act (as in, bring you closer to the action you'd have if you were well rested, but not better), though it is far better to be well rested prior to learning. The same be valid to the time through the test as well.
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